We talk to the TD’s for each event happening at the Grand Palais, Lille in August 2016

Sayaka Kamika is the tournament director for the Catalan Scrabble Championships in August at the Lille Grand Pailais.


Here are a few words from her:

I began to play in Catalan 4 years ago, at a local tournament organized for players who were learning the language. It is an excellent way to enrich your vocabulary and sometimes also to prove your mastery, as it happened on that occasion, where I won one of the prizes: an original Scrabble game and a dictionary. Since then, both tools have been part of my, let’s say, personal effects!

Playing Scrabble is always a delight, you cannot be indifferent to a bizarre vocable that sometimes bestows on you the longed victory! It is always an open challenge and also a sheer enjoyment. New words, new friends, new experiences!

Besides taking part in Scrabble tournaments, I am engaged, too, in activities addressed to promote the game as an education, integration and socialization tool for children, also ideal to build bridges between the young and the older people. As such, I am envolved in workshops and open classes at schools and public libraries, local festivals, etc.

In this respect, an International Tournament like the one organized by MSI to be held in Lille, is an excellent opportunity to enhance the boundaries from the narrow range of a tongue to the melting pot of several ones, such as French, English or Spanish, the latter being another language in which I use to play. In Catalan, we will offer two different types of Scrabble championships, gathered under the umbrella of the Catalan International Scrabble Festival: the Classic and the Duplicate one. Regardless of whether one prefers to commit himself to the whims of the chance of a classic game or, on the contrary, chooses to prove his sound knowledge and concentration in the duplicate contest, or even both, what I hope indeed is that everybody should have a real good time!

We look forward to seeing Sayaka and the Catalan Team in France.

To regsister for the Catalan Tournament and view other events happening through the week click here:

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